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Un nouveau projet pour AECOM dans l’Extrême-Orient

AECOM has signed a contract for comprehensive design services with Primorsky Konditer company.

AECOM will undertake design services at the Concept, Proekt and Working design phases.

The purpose of the proposed project is to facilitate the further development of the company’s business in the region. At present, the existing production areas are 100% employed and there is no physical opportunity for a large-scale development on the operating site.

The proposed development provides for launching of seven new production lines to produce confectionery and bakery products and a food facility to produce items of differing product availability degrees. Capacity of the proposed factory would total 90 K tons products a year. The new factory would produce both new items and updated current ones together with composite products by using combined technologies.

The project is located in the Far East in the city of Vladivostok and would be developed within the frames of PDA Nadezhdinskaya, Primorsky Konditer LLC as one of the anchor residents. The project would also be of social importance as its construction would create at least a thousand of jobs.

As Dmitry Morosko, AECOM Senior B+P Business Development Manager put it, ‘During the project development, AECOM team would collaborate closely with a process designer company in charge of the process content. One of the project challenges is that the Client intends to partially transfer the process equipment from the existing factory to the new site. The Client has expressed confidence that our high competencies in industrial design will enable us to accomplish with the set tasks. We believe that such project will be a good start for us in development of our business in this developing and promising region!’

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