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How to become compliant with Russian Track & Trace Requirements
Petit déjeuner Gratuit
15.04.2019 09:00 - 12:00
Bureau CCI France Russie : Milutinsky per., 10, bât.1 
Anglais, Interprétation simultanée vers le russe

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Serialization of Medicaments will be mandatory from January 2020. The System for Russian Serialization, called Monitoring Dvijenia Lekartsvennikh
Preparatov (MDLP), was developed by the Russian Technology Provider CRPT. Unlike other countries process serialization, the Russian system not only provides unique identification codes to mark every box of the Medicaments, it will also track every movement of the medicaments. This full Track & Trace approach brings aggregation to a basic necessity. Because of the fact that the Governmental Degree about obligatory Identification Code was adopted, it is very important that Pharma Producers are ready to print the Russian Identification Codes (including the Crypto Code) on the packages of the Medicaments that are produced for the Russian market.

Main thesis with the names of the speakers:

  • Welcome Short Intro Arvato Systems
  • Quo Vadis – Russian Requirements in a nutshell – Christian Mehrmann – Arvato Systems
  • BREAK – Coffee, Tea & Snacks
  • Name need to be clarified – The challenges of a Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to implement the Russian Track & Trace Requirements
  • Closing

Key Audience:

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Production Manager
  • IT Manager
  • CEO, Managing Director
  • Drugs manufactures


Carl-Rainer Stetter
Business Development Director
Arvato Systems

Jan-Hendrik Manter
Lead Production Manager
Arvato Systems


Matthias Schick
Lead Sales Manager
Arvato Systems

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