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Christophe Wlodarczyk a été nommé directeur général de l’usine « Servier Rus » à Moscou

Servier, international pharmaceutical company, has announced that Christophe Wlodarczyk has been appointed the GM of “SERVIER RUS” manufacturing complex as of January 16th 2020. Christophe Wlodarczyk will be replacing Xavier Morelon, who held the position from 2017 to 2019 and is promoted at the corporate level as Servier Worldwide Supply Chain Director.

Christophe Wlodarczyk received a degree in bioprocess engineering. After working for some time in the pharmaceutical industry, in 1999 Christophe joined the Servier team as a bioprocess engineer at the Bolbec (France) production facility. In 2005 he was promoted to the position of production unit manager, and in 2015 he became GM of the Servier production facility in Brazil.

As the new GM of the Moscow-based “SERVIER RUS” manufacturing complex, Christophe Wlodarczyk will continue working on further development of the enterprise and improvement of its production efficiency, expansion of exports capabilities, development contract manufacturing as well as continue the successful implementation of serialization project. Among the priorities Christophe considers also further embodiment of environmental projects as well as Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives integration.

Servier was among the first European companies to localize its production in Russia. Launched in 2007, the “SERVIER RUS” Pharmaceutical Plant operates in full compliance with GMP international standards, producing a broad range of modern and original medical products. Today, more than 90% of drugs in Servier Russia portfolio for the treatment of major chronic non-communicable diseases are produced in full cycle at the “SERVIER RUS” production facility. Moreover, the “SERVIER RUS” production complex also exports original medical products to EAEU countries, planning to expand exports to Central Asia and European countries.



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